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The insights you need, to follow the leads you want.

The Templeton® Customer Insights Platform puts comprehensive and actionable reader engagement data at your fingertips from the individuals and companies consuming your content across the Life Science Connect community network.

Available exclusively to Life Science Connect customers, the actionable insights found in Templeton can help you understand the buying journeys of your target audience and optimize your content marketing strategy to effectively nurture and engage them.

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Marketing Users

  • Optimize performance. Evaluate content engagement and its alignment with your marketing business strategy.
  • Enhance your sales pipeline. Examine target audience engagement to discover and analyze Marketing Qualified Leads.
  • Showcase marketing ROI. Identify engagements from organizations that Sales has successfully converted into active opportunities or earned business.
  • Drive new opportunities. Uncover new targets who are engaging with your content to deliver additional prospects to your team.

Sales Users

  • Create a dynamic outreach strategy. Identify and research Sales Qualified Leads to develop impactful outbound plans.
  • Personalize prospect conversations. Uncover valuable insights on content engagement trends based on themes and buyers' journeys to guide conversations.
  • Map engagement data to territory requirements. Utilize robust filtering to narrow target audience insights with individual sales specifications.
  • Receive customized notifications. Leverage Insight Monitoring to generate tailored messages regarding high-priority prospect engagement.

Ready to get started?

Templeton Customer Insights Platform is for Life Science Connect Audience Access Customers in the Life Sciences, Water, Electronics, and IT industries.

Select your industry (below) to view available packages and features.

Trial Program

We are offering a trial program to enable interested clients to experience and test the benefits of new, value-added features, capabilities, and support services (Advanced Filters, Alerts & Notifications, Marketing Performance Reports Suite, Templeton Support Manager, Data Analyst), which ordinarily need to be purchased in the Templeton Customer Insights Platform Plus or Premium packages.

For more information about our trial program, contact your Life Science Connect Account Manager, or click the button below to request information.

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